Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send bitcoins to buy a ticket?

Bitcoins can be sent from any wallet (desktop, online or mobile version) and also from any bitcoin exchange platform. You just need to fill out "send to address" with the address (Ticket payment address) that was provided to you when you bought a ticket.

What is the Ticket payment address?

The Ticket payment address is a bitcoin address to which bitcoins need to be sent to successfully buy a ticket and participate in a current drawing.

How secure are the prize pool bitcoins?

Very! All private keys for the bitcoin addresses to which bitcoins are sent are kept on a different server in a different location. So if a hacker compromises (not very likely) this website, private keys are still well secured and payment to the winners can be still carried out.

I bought a ticket. How can I check its status?

After a ticket is bought, it is possible to check its status on this page. You need to enter the ticket hash code or the address for winnings that you provided when you bought the ticket. Both can be seen when the ticket is generated.

How do I know if my ticket is valid for a current drawing?

If the Payment status is marked as paid then you have a valid ticket for a current drawing.

When is the drawing performed?

The drawing takes place each week on Friday at 20:00 UTC.

Until when is it possible to buy a ticket for a current drawing?

A ticket can be bought until 2 hours before a drawing is performed. After that time, the offer to buy a ticket is closed. The reason for this delay is that in some cases when bitcoins are sent, it can take up to two hours before transaction gets 6 confirmations which is necessary to be recognized as paid.

Can I see the transaction details after a drawing is performed to verify if a prize was really sent?

Yes! After a drawing is performed, a report is generated, and there is also a transaction id and a link to an online block explorer to see all details of the transaction. A report on the last drawing can be seen on this page.

How is the transaction fee split between the winners?

The transaction fee is split between the winners based on their win category. That means the higher the win category, the higher the transaction fee will be.

What is a promotion code and how can I use it?

Instead of sending bitcoins to a ticket payment address to buy a ticket, a promotion code can be used to make a ticket paid. In order to get a promotion code for a free ticket, one ticket needs to be bought. After the first ticket will be paid, a promotion code will be shown at the bottom of a check ticket page. With that promotion code the second ticket can be paid in its check ticket page.

How long is a promotion code valid?

A promotion code is valid only in a drawing in which a ticket was bought. This means it is not possible to use a promotion code in the next drawing. Each promotion code can be used only once.

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